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A sunny walk around Settle

IAG members enjoyed a stroll around Settle on a rare sunny evening on Wednesday, led by Dr David Johnson as a follow up to his previous talk on the History of Settle.

We saw medieval lynchets and terraces, site of previous mills and tanneries, the pinfold, old trackways and routes and a rope walk, as well as studying the evidence of how many of the houses had undergone changes of use and alterations in their appearance. It seems that most of the buildings in Settle have at one time been inns!

It's amazing what you can see in a seemingly familiar place if you look up and look carefully. However, this was made so much easier and meaningful by David’s deep and comprehensive knowledge of the history of the area. He also took us to some secret places that even those who knew Settle well didn't know existed. It was a very enjoyable evening.

A reminder - David’s book, “Settle: A Historic Market Town” is available from Limestone Books.


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