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50 Years in Archaeology

Updated: Feb 20

Dr Andrew White, former head of Lancaster City Museums, delved into his own archives for IAG's February talk when he told us tales from his 50-year career in archaeology.

Fascinating and humorous anecdotes about the excavations he took part in and the characters he encountered entertained around 30 people at the meeting.

Finding a Roman 'fast food' shop deep beneath Lancaster along with a neolithic pottery bowl; and the discovery of a wooden coffin and shroud along with ten fingernails and toenails, carbon dated to the 7th century CE, were among the highlights.

The excavation of the original turf wall and bath house of Lancaster's Roman fort, ancient signal stations and historic artefacts from Whitby were just a few of the other topics in his talk.

Dr White (pictured below) is the author of several books and research papers including Lancaster - A History, Lancaster's Historic Inns, and Romans in Lunesdale.


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