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Archaeology in action

Here at IAG we don't just talk about archaeology - we actually do it!

The group gets out into the field and carries out excavations and surveys on historic sites ranging from the prehistoric to the 19th century.

In addition to our exciting programme of talks, we have a range of practical projects lined up for 2024. And we are always keen to welcome new 'hands on' members who want to get outside and try their hand at digging or surveying.

Practical projects are led by experienced, expert archaeologists who are always generous in sharing their time, skills and knowledge and are keen to train newcomers in the key techniques.

Unlike many groups which only organise talks about archaeology, IAG offers a special level of membership - 'hands-on' - for people who want to get involved in the practical projects.

So if you are interested in trying your hand at surveying or digging and would like to know more, contact us at . You can find information about previous projects in the publications section and membership application forms are in About IAG.


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