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From Settle to the sun - talks

The history of Settle, ancient woodland of Skipton and the relationships between prehistoric monuments and the sun are among the topics of talks lined up for 2024.

The talks at Ingleborough Community Centre start on 19 February with Dr Andrew White, the former head of Lancaster City Museums, telling fascinating tales from his 50 years in Archaeology.

Dr David Johnson is next on the programme with: A brief history of Settle, tracing its development and growth over the centuries. Landscape archaeologist Dr Johnson is the author of a book on the history of the town and will share his extensive knowledge on 18 March.

On April 15, IAG vice-chair Yvonne Luke will explore the relationships between local peaks, prehistoric monuments and the movements of the heavenly bodies in her talk: Hills of the sun, mountains of the moon.

Autumn talks will include Skipton Woods (16 September); Lancaster Canal (21 October); Skipton Castle ( 18 November) and the caves and landscapes of Ingleborough (16 December).

All the talks start at 7.30pm at Ingleborough Community Centre. Non-members are welcome ( £3 entry) and talks are followed by tea, coffee, questions and discussion.

For full details of the 2024 programme visit the page.


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